• Loo Hooi Nam

    Loo Hooi Nam

    Beyond the familiar landscapes in Loo Hooi Nam paintings, there is a kind of suspense which Loo offers viewers; the…

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  • Miyabi Katayama

    Miyabi Katayama

    Elegantly simple, Miyabi Katayama’s art emanates an air of joyous serenity that is immediately felt on viewing. The artist approach…

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  • Pete Jimenez

    Pete Jimenez

    Pete Jimenez (born 1960) is among the few Filipino sculptors who has consistently explored the qualities of scrap metal as…

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  • Poh Siew Wah

    Poh Siew Wah

    A versatile painter, Poh's early works were realistic watercolours and oils of Singapore scenes. In his present series, he presents…

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  • Rene-Robles-'Waking-Hour',-pastel-on-paper,-25-x-19in,-2004

    Rene Robles (Nude Series)

    This ‘Nude Composition Series’ features patterns of rhythms and forms in abstractions that develop formal relationships of colour and light.…

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    Rene Robles (The Art of Making Visible)

    The Art of Making Visible Esteemed as a senior and major Filipino artist, who has proven, through several decades of…

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  • ForLove

    Rene Robles (The Transformation of The Commonplace)

    “In the highly competitive Philippine art scene, artists of remarkable talent abound and from each generation emerges a younger breed…

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  • Reynold dela Cruz

    Reynold dela Cruz

    Themes contained in Dela Cruz’ work are paired opposites like life and death, presence and absence, seen and unseen, certainty…

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  • Ronald Apriyan

    Ronald Apriyan

    Ronald Apriyan commentary works focus on social themes that affects him and his community at large. Apriyan playfully blends grafitti-like…

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  • Soon Lai Wai (Lotus Series)

    Soon Lai Wai (Lotus Series)

    "The paintings of Soon Lai Wai are a refreshing confluence of traditional and contemporary themes, where the effusive colouring of…

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  • Soon Lai Wai (Mountain and Jungle Series)

    Soon Lai Wai (Mountain and Jungle Series)

    This jungle and bay series absorbs the spirit of Chinese painting, especially the strokes depicting the mountains. The background colour,…

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