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Art collecting is a journal, a labour of love. Much like an art gallery that support and nurture its artists and it often begins with buying the first painting.

This journey is a rewarding one when the right mix of knowledge and passion come together. With so much of art out there, one can be forgiven for not knowing where to begin and what to buy. It is here that MOMENTOUS ARTS is pivotal  in helping art enthusiasts and collectors take the first step towards ownership and the attendant joy that ensues through the understanding of the artist approach and intention behind the works. This is what makes us happy.

We truly believe in the transformative power of art. We are excited to be a part of your story as we have helped many art collectors discover their painting at MOMENTOUS ARTS and went on to build their art collection.

We are inspired to make your art journey easy and safe, help you discover the joy of uncovering works fresh out of our artists studio and take pride in showing only artworks that meet our artistic merit


I've always enjoyed visiting Momentous Arts and viewing artworks there. Allan Teo has a sharp eye for good art both by more established artists and, more importantly, emerging artists from Asia. He has made enjoying and collecting art more accessible by selecting interesting works at moderate price ranges and sharing his passion and knowledge. Fun to learn about Abstract Expressionism, Assertionism, figurative art and the like from him.
Noel D'Cruz
Art Collector
I had the good fortune to discover Ronald Apriyan through MOMENTOUS ARTS. The Indonesian painter’s observations and commentary on life – terribly articulate, quirky, witty and humorous – are so original, not least because Apriyan includes his son’s doddles in his works. Momentous Arts was a wonderful discovery, a revelation really.
CH’NG Poh Tiong
Ambassador of TEFAF Maastricht (The European Fine Art Fair)
When Momentous Arts was inaugurated in 2003, Allan Teo, its director, was determined to operate it differently from the common art gallery practice in Singapore. He had three aspirations: to embrace artists who go beyond sheer technical competence to focus on creativity; to fully support experimentation in diverse ways; and to expand the Singapore Art Scene by bringing fresh artistic talents from the region. To-date, Teo is credited with several successes, for instance Singapore artist Poh Siew Wah Abstract Streetscapes; Filipino modernist painter/sculptor Rene Robles Assertionist Art and Abstract Expressionist master Edwin Wilwayco
W.Y. Choy, Artist

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