• Benjie Cabangis

    Benjie Cabangis

    Benjie Cabangis work attest to his detailed study and adept mastery in recreating form and surface. Using various painting techniques…

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  • Benjie Torrado Cabrera

    Benjie Torrado Cabrera

    Benjie Torrado Cabrera is a master engraver and the only practising engraver in the Philippines. He studied engraving in Paris…

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  • Choi Jae IL

    Choi Jae IL

    Korean ceramist Choi Jae IL creates sculptures and glazed ceramic tile work as if they were paintings. His sculptures adore…

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  • Dragica Milunovic

    Dragica Milunovic

    It's quite exciting when you're knocked out by the visual impact of a painting. That's just the kind of effect…

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  • Edwin Wilwayco (Recalibration Series)

    Edwin Wilwayco (Recalibration Series)

    With more than three decades of sustained dedication to abstract painting, Wilwayco is regarded as one of Philippines important artist…

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  • Eman Santos

    Eman Santos

    A versatile artist that is adept in both hyper-realism and abstract style, Eman Santos money tree series is much loved…

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  • Georg Heider

    Georg Heider

    In 2003 after visiting an exhibition of paintings on back of glass near Murnau, he loved it so much that…

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  • Gerrado Ingco

    Gerrado Ingco

    Gerrado Ingco, Haiyan Series, Crayon On Paper, 43 X 56cm, $1,800

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  • Ha Myounggoo

    Ha Myounggoo

    “My current pieces are based on conveying one’s sensitivity & sensual needs through sculpture using the basic processes of ceramics.…

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  • Idan Zareski

    Idan Zareski

    When I’m at a loss for words, my hands take over. I’ve been blessed with an artist’s soul. From my…

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  • Lim Ah Cheng

    Lim Ah Cheng

    Capturing movement is the touchstone of this artist as Helen Ann Peters once said in an interview with Lim Ah…

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  • Liz McKay

    Liz McKay

    The music and dancing from the jazz & swing era and the architectural works from the Art Nouveau period influenced…

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