Takuma Tanaka

Takuma Tanaka

In the paintings of Takuma Tanaka, imagination flourish in the purest form uninhibited by the need to be logical. The vibrancy of his paintings comes from the authentic impulses within and in creating his own order of things. His subjects adorned a simplicity of form, often reduced to their essentials in colour and line, Tanaka’s mixture of cartoon imagery and raw brushwork ignites with energy and stood out in their casualness in a personal way.

Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1977,
Graduated from Waseda University in 2001 (in law),
Studied contemporary art at Yotsuya Art Stadium.

Exhibited in Shanghai, Taipei and throughout Japan including The Museum Of Modern Art in Saitama in 2007.

Duo Yun Xuan, Shanghai 2011
Art #1, Taipei 2014
Bonham, HongKong, 2014
SBI Art Auction, Tokyo 2015
Lucanna Fine Art Auction, Singapore 2015

Takuma’s artwork was selected among thousands of entries to be featured in the commemorative album of ART TAKES TIMES SQUARE and ART TAKES MIAMI.

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