Soon Lai Wai (Mountain and Jungle Series)

Soon Lai Wai (Mountain and Jungle Series)

This jungle and bay series absorbs the spirit of Chinese painting, especially the strokes depicting the mountains. The background colour, smirred with acrylics expresses the power of nature, such as fogs, clouds and the heavenly blue sky. I used vibrant colours to reflect the changing of light and also to present a South East Asia colour combination.

I want to delight viewers with happiness and serenenity through these paintings. The powerful strokes and their interplay with empty spaces serve to symbolize an abstraction of the scenery or landscape. Profoundly inspired by Chinese philosophy, painting structure and artistic sense; I want to express the beauty of islands or this magnificent rock scene in their natural splendour.

Born in 1970, Penang Malaysia.

Exhibited in Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia.

Featured/Participated in
KLAS Auction
Masterpiece Auction

Affordable Art Fair, 2014
ArtSingapore, 2009


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