Georg Heider

Georg Heider

In 2003 after visiting an exhibition of paintings on back of glass near Murnau, he loved it so much that he started to paint in the same technique. The desire to further the technique grew more and more, that it now becomes an obsession. Inspired by his imagination, his imagery are often exaggerated or with a double meaning. “ Predominantly I am an expressionist, I ignore the compulsion of the reality. I prefer things with movement and garish colours, garish ideas and motives and I live it up. I like to paint minor figures, seeming minor things and musicians. People are for me very important.”

“I am fascinated to see ever and ever how a small stroke can change a facial expression. As you can see both sides of the glass, we are not sure of how things will never work in the end. When painting on the back glass, there is some risk. But turn the glass is almost always a wonderful moment as laugh and sing at the same time. As a self-taught painter I have the ambition to get better and better every day and try out something new in every picture. Recently. I have return to watercolours,” said the artist.

Born 1944, South of Germany
Self – taught artist

Exhibited throughout Germany.


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