Dragica Milunovic

Dragica Milunovic

It's quite exciting when you're knocked out by the visual impact of a painting. That's just the kind of effect we've come to expect from Dragica Milunovic's work.

The precision of the work testifies to the fact that these are not 'exercises' rather they are disciplined efforts in studied effects that hold the viewer's attention.

The compositions seem to vibrate, flow or undulate and as such are mesmerizing as they create the effect of optical illusions. The paintings are more about the visual effect of tints, tones, marks, and patterns in paint on canvas. We don't need to get bogged down with trying to interpret the picture or decipher its meaning, instead we can enjoy just falling into each painting.

Every viewer will have their own response to the works, which suggests the artist feels secure in herself and her craft. The more we look at them, the more we see in them. Exciting and excellent work here. Excepts from a reviewed by Judith McGrath

Exhibited in USA, Singapore, Australia.

2009 Department of Culture and the Arts, WA, Artflight, exhib. McCulloch Gallery Melbourne Vic
2008 Australia Council / Visual Arts and Craft Strategy Grant
2005 Diploma of Excellence, Honourable award (painting) Art Addiction Medial Museum London UK
2005 ArtsWA Artflight Solo Exhibition ‘The Space Between’ BGH Gallery, Santa Monica L.A. USA.
2003 ArtsWA – Artsflight ((group)
2002 City of Wanneroo Open Award Moments in Time 2002, Painting “Local Hero”
2000 Art on the Move Grant, VIVARTS group, Touring Exhibition, throughout WA
1999 Golden Key National Honour Society, Curtin University of Western Australia

Fire & Emergency Services Authority of Western Australia.
City of Wanneroo, “Local Hero”
The Kings Perth Hotel, Western Australia
Central Metropolitan College of TAFE Perth WA..
Various private and corporate collections, in Australia and internationally.

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