Benjie Torrado Cabrera

Benjie Torrado Cabrera

Benjie Torrado Cabrera is a master engraver and the only practising engraver in the Philippines. He studied engraving in Paris under a scholarship. His engraving on polycarbonate are laborious creations and complex in detail, drawing viewers to look at the infinite possibilities that lies within the work.  Engraving is a centuries old medium, painstakingly slow in the process and demands great control. Cabrera aims to bridge the gap between traditional and modern by infusing his unique visual style inspired by his interest in cosmology. The geometric shapes and spheres in his compositions signify the universe. The straight and diagonal lines lends perspective and represents a path.

Cabrera graduated with a Master of Fine Arts in 2006 at the University of Philippines and has exhibited at the Cultural Centre of Philippines in 2008 and 1992.A multi-awarded and accomplished print maker, Cabrera has participated in print Triennales in France and Japan and has exhibited in New York, Madrid, Tokyo, China, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and throughout the Philippines.

He has conducted many printmaking workshops in the Philippines. Cabrera is the President of The Philippine Association of Printmaker He is also a devoted teacher at the St Scholastica’s college teaching basic drawing, painting and printmaking for the past 20 years.

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