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Loo Hooi Nam

Although often labeled as an impressionist artist, he is, in my eyes, a Post-Impressionist. We are living in a postmodern world and contemporary art is all the rage, yet Hooi Nam is dedicated to his own brand of Post-Impressionistic art. Hooi Nam has a distinctive style with heavy use of impasto and a colour palette…
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Soon Lai Wai

While many contemporary artists in Malaysia are still struggling to establish an identity, Soon Lai Wai's lotus paintings are instantly identifiable for its sheer beauty, strong colours and distinctive brushstrokes. Soon is easily the most successful artist today to depict the lotus in the medium of oil. His thickly - painted lotus blooms with leaves…
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Rene Robles

Through the seemingly trivial, marginal, and unpretentious objects of the everyday, the art of Filipino artist Rene Robles causes us to reflect on the subtleties of time, space, and memory as central elements in the complexity of the human narrative and individual identity. His art and his meanings are multi- layered- formal, personal, and social-which…
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