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Pete Jimenez

[mp_heading] Pete Jimenez [/mp_heading] Pete Jimenez (born 1960) is among the few Filipino sculptors who has consistently explored the qualities of scrap metal as a medium, transforming rusty and discarded shards from junk shops into visual puns and garage-produced gems. He transforms hard intractable materials like iron into sculptural statements of wit and whimsy, mirth…
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Poh Siew Wah

[mp_heading] Poh Siew Wah Biography & Artworks [/mp_heading] A versatile painter, Poh's early works were realistic watercolours and oils of Singapore scenes. In his present series, he presents endearing works of nature that reflects on the quietude of the scenes he paints.The works are painted impressionistically and in semi-cubist style in a poetic mood and…
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Ronald Apriyan

[mp_heading] Ronald Apriyan [/mp_heading] Ronald Apriyan commentary works focus on social themes that affects him and his community at large. Apriyan playfully blends grafitti-like expressiveness in his street-style paintings with wry humor to give his subjects a visually strong presence to capture the imagination of the viewer and to get them thinking. He enjoys working…
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Rene Robles (The Transformation of The Commonplace)

[mp_heading] Rene Robles (The Transformation of The Commonplace) [/mp_heading] “In the highly competitive Philippine art scene, artists of remarkable talent abound and from each generation emerges a younger breed of exceptional abilities. Rising above the rubble, as it were, is Rene Robles, esteemed as a senior and major Filipino artist, who has proven, through several…
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