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Miyabi Katayama

[mp_heading] Miyabi Katayama [/mp_heading] Elegantly simple, Miyabi Katayama’s art emanates an air of joyous serenity that is immediately felt on viewing. The artist approach the landscape subject with remarkable freedom and focus, bringing to mind Matisse engagingly simple paper cut-outs. Richly coloured with both thick and thinly layered paint, Miyabi Katayama’s paintings radiate with luminous…
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Rene Robles (The Art of Making Visible)

[mp_heading] Rene Robles (The Art of Making Visible) [/mp_heading] The Art of Making Visible Esteemed as a senior and major Filipino artist, who has proven, through several decades of active and prolific art making, producing works ranging from portraiture, still lifes, nudes, landscapes, murals, figuration and abstraction; Rene Robles paintings often question the art and…
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Rene Robles (Nude Series)

[mp_heading] Rene Robles (Nude Series) [/mp_heading] This ‘Nude Composition Series’ features patterns of rhythms and forms in abstractions that develop formal relationships of colour and light. Robles plays with movement and colour, creating optical illusions in his paintings. With white, gray, black and blues, Robles finds endless inspiration for the changing relationships, juxtapositions of forms…
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Edwin Wilwayco (Recalibration Series)

[mp_heading] Edwin Wilwayco (Recalibration Series) [/mp_heading] With more than three decades of sustained dedication to abstract painting, Wilwayco is regarded as one of Philippines important artist in the field of abstraction. He has been a major contributor to the development of abstract art in his country and is best known for his lush and lyrical…
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