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Benjie Torrado Cabrera

[mp_heading] Benjie Torrado Cabrera [/mp_heading] Benjie Torrado Cabrera is a master engraver and the only practising engraver in the Philippines. He studied engraving in Paris under a scholarship. His engraving on polycarbonate are laborious creations and complex in detail, drawing viewers to look at the infinite possibilities that lies within the work.  Engraving is a…
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Eman Santos

[mp_heading] Eman Santos [/mp_heading] A versatile artist that is adept in both hyper-realism and abstract style, Eman Santos money tree series is much loved and has gain popularity. Santos experiment with different accent, tone and organize the details of the subject in playful variations. His trees are crown with a pulsating mix of textures, colours and…
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Reynold dela Cruz

[mp_heading] Reynold dela Cruz [/mp_heading] Themes contained in Dela Cruz’ work are paired opposites like life and death, presence and absence, seen and unseen, certainty and doubt, itshow the artist’s understanding of life in many directly opposite and relative views. It is within the binaries that he ably works in a language of forms, colors and figures that…
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Benjie Cabangis

[mp_heading] Benjie Cabangis [/mp_heading] Benjie Cabangis work attest to his detailed study and adept mastery in recreating form and surface. Using various painting techniques and improvisation to build on and obscure the flatness of blank canvas, the artist recreates the seeming infinity of receding space, the push and pull of shade and light. The power…
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