Ronald Apriyan

Ronald Apriyan

Ronald Apriyan commentary works focus on social themes that affects him and his community at large. Apriyan playfully blends grafitti-like expressiveness in his street-style paintings with wry humor to give his subjects a visually strong presence to capture the imagination of the viewer and to get them thinking. He enjoys working on large format works which suits his all-over painting style in which he scrawls text, obliterate parts of his painting with sketchy brushwork. The canvas becomes a battleground for his direct expression, often centred around a figure - human or animal which is the subject of commentary in his paintings. Each painting has an accompanying title that adds a twist to the storey or plot.

Born in Southern Sumatra,1979

Padjadjaran University Bandung
Sarjanawiyata Taman Siswa University Yogyakarta
Indonesia Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta
Exhibited in Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Myanmar, Throughout Indonesia.

2001 Best Caricature for Hari Kartini (Commemorating Kartini), Yogyakarta
2002 Best Sketch of Fine Art Indonesia Institute of The Arts, Yogyakarta
2003 Best Mural in STP AMPTA, Yogyakarta




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