Loo Hooi Nam

Loo Hooi Nam

Beyond the familiar landscapes in Loo Hooi Nam paintings, there is a kind of suspense which Loo offers viewers; the experience of being there with him - like taking in the wind on a secluded beach or the rustling of leaves in a quiet afternoon. Each of these moment captured with swift unrestrained palette knife strokes and marks that exhibit his instinctive impulses and feeling for the place he is painting. One has to feel your way across the terrain with eyes open and will be richly rewarded with a surface adventure that hypnotized and pulsate with light and colour.

Born in Kedah, West Malaysia in 1965, Loo Hooi Nam is a self-taught artist.

Exhibited in Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Korea and Singapore.

Awards include: Gold Award in SP Setia Art Fair Penang in 2001, Recipient of Pesta Pulau Pinang Prizes in 1993, 1994 & 1997.

Malaysia Pavillion 2010 World Expo in Shanghai
Guangzhou International Art Fair,
Shenzhen International Art Exhibition
Art Expo Malaysia
Affordable Art Fair Singapore

KLAS Art Auction
Masterpiece Fine Art Auction

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