Ha Myounggoo

Ha Myounggoo

“My current pieces are based on conveying one’s sensitivity & sensual needs through sculpture using the basic processes of ceramics. My main inspiration on developing this idea is based on the theme of maternal tenderness and warmth - the warmth of a mothers hug, the softness of a treasured rag doll. The textures & feelings that are all too common to all people. Using clay I was able to express the softness of one’s touch.”

Exhibited in Japan, Korea, UK & Singapore.

2002-2009 Bachelor's Degree Kyung-Hee University Ceramic Art (Seoul/South Korea)
2010-2013 Master's Degree Kyoto City University of Art (Kyoto/Japan)
2012 Exchange student program Royal college of Art Ceramic & Glass course (London/U.K)

Featured/Participated in
Affordable Art Fair Singapore 2014



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