Choi Jae IL

Choi Jae IL

Korean ceramist Choi Jae IL creates sculptures and glazed ceramic tile work as if they were paintings. His sculptures adore a simplicity of form inspired by nature. Their unique surface pattern and texture are are influenced by Op Art of the 60's. The illusionary colour influenced one's way of perception and challenge viewers visual perception of his artworks. Bands of colour and elements weave and change their appearances according to the viewer perspective.and where he stands. Their illusionistic surface and construction invites a visual investigation on the part of the viewer.

Born 1973, Seoul Korea

Exhibited in South Korea, HongKong, Singapore
Cheongju International Craft Biennale, 2005

PhD Craft Design, Hong IK University, Seoul, Korea
MFA, Kyunghee University, Suwon, Kprea
BFA, Ceramics, Kyunghee University, Suwon, Korea

Permanent Collection
Unesco Centre, Mongolia
Grameen Bank, Bangladesh
Nanum Gallery, Seoul, Korea




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