Art Exhibition : Beyond Imagery & Meaning


Art Exhibition : Beyond Imagery & Meaning

Benjie Cabangis, Benjie T. Cabrera, Eman Santos, Pete Jimenez, Reynold dela Cruz, Rene Robles

Beyond Imagery & Meaning presents the work of 6 contemporary Filipino artists.

The artists in this exhibition represent a wide variety of styles and impulses, from pop sensibility to contemporary realism to abstract expressionism. The range of works presented are diverse and encompasses various media like sculpture, painting and engraving.

Rich in artistic diversity, The Philippines has a long tradition in painting with early 19th century works advocating the church and the Christian faith. Subsequent periods were dominated by portraits, followed by genre paintings. In the last decade abstract art has stepped up to the fore and taken on a more asserting role. The pursuit for new styles and expressions by artists are a respond to new challenges in the global arts scene and in a world driven by technology advances that has impacted the lives of people. Beyond the social-political history that surrounds and inform their work, these artists strive to bring a personal visual vocabulary and an unique approach to their art making.

Beyond Imagery & Meanings aims to show these challenges the artists are confronting, perhaps not so much from within their artistic community but more of an external one. How they are responding to the art historical style they are baptized ? Do they then subvert, appropriate, reanimate or merge the eras of past styles ?

Collectively the exhibition gives a glimpse of the dynamic art that is being made in the Philippines today. Their works characterized the vigor and vitality of contemporary art today and at the same time providing a counterpoint to the academic past of Philippine art in their work. The artists featured are : Benjie T. Cabrera, Benjie Cabangis, Eman Santos, Pete Jimenez, Reynold dela Cruz and Rene Robles.

The Philippines Art Trek is an annual showcase of Philippine art organized by the embassy of Philippines and presented by invited galleries in Singapore. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the successful collaboration.


Date : July 16 to 29, 2016

Venue :

Blk C, #02-11, 1557 Keppel Road
Singapore (089066)



Rene Robles – The Transformation Of The Commonplace

Rene Robles
The Transformation Of The Commonplace

Date: March 14-27, 2015
Venue: Bugis Junction, Basement 1 (Next to Tori-Q Yakitori) Sat, 12-6pm. Sun by appointment only
Tel: 96413235

Esteemed as a senior and major Filipino artist, who has proven, through several decades of active and prolific art making, producing works ranging from portraiture, still lifes, nudes, landscapes,murals, figuration and abstraction; Robles paintings often question the art & the role of the artist. Robles imagination & creativity stood out distinctly amongst the modernist painters of Philippines and is one of few Filipino artists who achieved success in Europe & America. His art style is called ‘Assertionism’ and he is the founder and proponent. Assertionism has its own iconography and belief systems. In a review in Asian Art News, art historian Alice G. Guillermo said : “He makes younger artists rediscover their subjects by assuming new angles and points of view where they shed their flatness and two-dimensIonality and become brilliant and prismatic” “In the highly competitive Philippine art scene, artists of remarkable talent abound and from each generation emerges a younger breed of exceptional abilities. Rising above the rubble, as it were, is Rene Robles, esteemed as a senior and major Filipino artist, who has proven, through several decades of active and prolific art-making, producing works ranging from portraiture, still lifes, nudes, landscapes, religious images, murals, figuration and abstraction, that talent forged in the smithy of passion, commitment and dedication, will endure and never be commonplace”. Cid Reyes – award winning art critic

Selected Museums and Public Collection
University of Santo Thomas Museum, Philippines
Ateneo University Art Gallery
Central Bank of Philippines
Philippine Embassy
Subic Bay Free Port, Philippines
GSIS Museum, Philippines

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Affordable Art Fair

Momentous Arts will present new works by the following artists at the Affordable Art Fair on November 19th


Exciting new paintings and sculptures have been specially created for the fair. Don’t miss the chance to collect these highly desirable & quality art pieces. For more info please contact Allan at 9641 3235 or email.

Stand 2B – 02
Level 2, Paddock 2
F1, Pit Building

Preview 19 Nov by Invitation Only
Fair Opens 20 – 23 Nov, 2014

Works of Tang Hong Lee, Soon Lai Wai & Lim Ah Cheng, have been featured in Malaysia auctions namely, KLAS Art Auction and Masterpiece Art Auction.

Edwin Wilwayco – Recalibration


Momentous Arts presents Recalibration – a solo exhibition by acclaimed painter Edwin Wilwayco.

With more than three decades of sustained dedication to abstract painting, Wilwayco is regarded as one of Philippines important artist in the field of abstraction. He has been a major contributor to the development of abstract art in his country and is best known for his lush and lyrical paintings.

The series of works created over a period of nine months in his two studios in Rhode Island and Manila, incorporating improvisation in both techniques/processes that created new meanings and in dialogue with the mystifiying forces of nature. Wilwayco signature oeuvre is informed by deep spirituality, self-introspection and a reverence for the beauty and power of nature. The process of painting, an integral part of his artistic practice unfurls what the abstract master has come to be known for : lyrical & eloquent brushworks. The lush paintings of Wilwayco with their immediacy and accessibility in particular the artist’s construction process- painterly marks, deep passages, over painting animated with playful elements of drips and dribbles with the occasional adding of sand and sack cloth; keeps the viewer fixated on a surface adventure and affirms the artist passionate devotion to Abstract Expressionism. Their emotive power articulated across many levels from the tranquil to the exuberant and vigorous; expressively nuanced by colours and gestures. It is this that lends Wilwayco flowing paintings their intense vibrancy and energy.


Selected Museums and Public Collection
Ateneo Art Gallery, Quezon City, Philippines
Central Bank of Philippines
University of the Philippines, Los Banos, Laguna
Singapore National Museum of Art
Philippine Trade Center, New York, USA
Fatima University Gallery, Antipolo City, Philippines

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Biography & reviews

Art historian James T. Valliere interviews artist Edwin Wilwayco. Read here

James T. Valliere’s interviews with Jackson Pollock’s contemporaries, including Willem de Kooning and critic Clement Greenberg have appeared in many publications and are in the Archives of American Art at the Smithsonian Museum. Valliere’s latest work is the Amazon e-book: Pollock: How Lee Krasner Built His Legacy